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5 things we learned from the royals Both sides of the 12" version were collected on the Substance compilation. The 7" version of "State of the Nation" brazilian Pit Viper was collected on the Singles compilation. The 7" version of "Shame of the Nation" can only be found on the original 7" vinyl release, Gymshark internship and Pit Viper sunglasses z87 on the B side of the Australian 7" of "Bizarre Love Triangle".. 5. The Green Bay Packers are happy to finally reach their bye week. One of the most injury plagued teams in the NFL lost three more starters to injury Sunday.

Ray (6 foot 3, 245 pounds) suffered the injury in Mizzou's Citrus Bowl win over Minnesota tie dye Crocs on sale Jan. 1, and it kept him from participating in drills at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Ray was able to perform on Mizzou's pro day March 19, to mixed results.